What is Black Hat SEO White Hat SEO and Grey Hat SEO?


When it comes to SEO techniques, there are several ethical factors which are referred to as the White Black and Grey hat SEO techniques.

White Hat SEO

When you practice white hat SEO, it means that you are generally abiding by the rules set to govern SEO techniques Search engine rules.

Take an Example of World No 1 SEO Blogger Neil Patel‘s Blog. And take look the Trust Flow, Citation Flow, External Backlinks You may see it got thousands of relevant links from highly reputable sites.
Look at the majestic metrics picture


As a white hat SEO practitioner, you should avoid the use of any problems mentioned in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines at all costs.

As a white hat SEO, some of the ethical tasks that you carry out to optimize a website includes things such as

  1. Regularly updates, adding content pages
  2. A Relevant Backlinks coming from niche related websites
  3. Make sure that you keep all the Title tags, Meta tag, Meta Description always up to date.
  4. The content used should be well written and with keywords well placed in
    the articles themselves.
  5. Use Interlinking and use External Linking in your post

Black Hat SEO

This is the exact opposite of the white hat and it is more convenient and also considered illegal to use online.

black hat seo

There are some SEO firms or individuals who use this form of SEO techniques in order to have higher rankings on search engine searches.

When you are a black hat SEO operator it means that your techniques are perceived as wrong by Webmaster Guidelines laid down by Google and even those of other major search engines.

Some of the black hat SEO techniques include the use of intensively 

  1. Irrelevant links
  2. Cross Links
  3. Link Selling (Google Can penalize or deindex your site permanently for selling links)
  4. Huge back-links to homepage (from spam sites or penalize sites)
  5. Do cloaking and use of hidden text

 Grey Hat SEO

There are some SEO firms that fall on this middle ground between the two other hats which are completely different from each other. This area is a little bit hard to define because the grey hat SEO firms at times use the techniques of the black hat SEO. This is mainly observed in the use of some common content generation software and link building tools.

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