Free Keyword Research Tools and How to find Best Keywords


What are Keywords in SEO?

The keyword is the words what we search on Google. Like we search on google “Restaurant near me”. Here “Restaurant near me” is a keyword, as simple as it is. Google search more than 3.5 Billion in a Day that means 1.2 Trillion per Year. More than 25% of Google Search per Days using New Keywords, That is near 1 Billion.

The keyword is one of the top factors for ranking in Google or search engine. Well organized Keywords can rank your website on Google or Bing, and give your visitors and customers.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

There are many free keyword Research tools on the web. But I’ll show you some best free tools which I use personally. I never used pay tools for my blog. All the keywords of this particular blog are taken using free tools.

1. Google Adword Keyword Planner :

When it comes to doing any job and we heard the name Google then we undoubtedly believe that it will be something unique and free.

Google Keyword Planner

It is one of the best tools to search the best keyword for your website.

2. Google Search Suggestion or Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI):

We all know, when we search something on Google, Its show us some suggestions search. That means people are searching for those particular keywords.

Google Search Suggestions

In the Image, you can see it perfectly. Pick up keywords from then according to their Search volume and Competitions rate.

LSI Keywords

You can use these best LSI keyword checker

3. Keywords Everywhere:

It is one of my favorite tools. Extremely easy to use actually you do not need to use it will automatically show you the result of the source.

bulk keyword research

keywords everywhere

Just install the extension from app center and it will show you the result.

4. is a very good long tail keyword research tool. You just need to put the keyword and it will show you bunch of long tail keywords.

keyword io

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