Google Algorithm Updates,How it Works for Ranking?


Every businessman, Blogger or website holder wants to be on the top of the Google search. It’s not hard to rank. But most of the time we go through a process which is completely opposite. We need to go with Google Algorithm Updates.

Otherwise, we drop our rank. From my Experience, I found that there is no trick to rank on Google for long. Yes, by using some of the tricks you can be in the first place for a certain time.

google algorithm updates

But to be on the top for Long you must need to go with Google guidelines.

So, Here is my Top 10 Tips for you, Follow this tips to be top of Google Search Result for every upcoming Google Algorithm Updates.

1. Post content that actually solves problems.***

2. Use long tail keywords.**

3. Post Genuine Article more than 1500+ words.*

4. Speed up your website.***

5. Optimize your website On page and Off page.***

6. Get relevant Manual Backlinks from relevant sites.***

7. List your website on Google Listing and many Business listing sites.*

8. Use mobile Friendly website.***

9. Increase your website DA, CF, and TF.*

10. Internal and External Links.*

Metrics You Must Aware of

Domain Authority, Citation Flow, Trust Flow & Page Authority are the main fundamental metrics which you must aware of if you have a website or you are an online businessman.

These metrics are the report card on your website. So, must need High Domain Authority, High Citation Flow, High Trust Flow, and High Page Authority. To rank on Google these metrics will help you.

Google Rank a website on the basis of more than 200  ranking factors. You must go with the search engine algorithms to be appearing in Google, Bing or Yahoo etc.

Search Engine Ranking Factors
Search Engine Ranking Factors

It is very important to do right SEO for your website; otherwise, it will lose in this ocean of web world. To be on the top you must add value to your website and your services.

But the problem is everyone does the same then why few people or website becomes successful and become a brand. The answer is not very tough or complex.


Then what is Search Engine Algorithm?

Google algorithms and Google Algorithm Updates are like secret recipes. Google kept it very secretly. Just one ingredient they said publicly that ‘Ranking depends on Loading Speed of your Website’.

At the beginning of the Google or Bing, it was very easy to rank. Because at that time it was not very smart. The search engine only ranks one basis of few rules, like exact ‘Keyword’, Keyword in Title URL & in Meta description etc.

Now, People hack those methods and rank very easily on Google or Bing, and got huge traffic on their website. So, Search Engine/Google updates their algorithm and makes more complex rules or algorithm to rank.

Google-Algorithm-Secret,google algorithm updates
Google Algorithm Secret

Like before, people find a way to rank to bypass all those rules. So, after a certain time, period search engine change their algorithm to provide the best search result for their users.

Here is the list of Google Algorithm Updates

Algorithm Updates                               Launch Date Role

• Google Panda                                            February 24, 2011, Duplicate Content, Keyword Stuffing
• Google Penguin                                         April 24, 2012, Irrelevant or Spammy Links
• Google Hummingbird                                 August 22, 2013, Low-Quality Content
• Google Pigeon                                           July 24, 2014 (US) On Page SEO and Off Page SEO
• Mobile                                                        April 21, 2015, Mobile Friendly or Visible Website
• Google Rank Brain                                    October 26, 2015, Quarry-Specific Answer
• Google Possum                                         September 1, 2016, Local Competition
• Google Fred                                                March 8, 2017, Thin content, Affiliate content


Here is a little detail about every Google Algorithm Updates

Google Panda Updates:

Before February 24, 2011, Google tried to find the duplicate content and keyword stuffing from a website has, as a trial basis.

But on February 24, 2011, they released an update on their algorithm and Name it ‘Google Panda‘. After this Google algorithm updates its finds genuineness of content on the website.

Google-Panda,google algorithm updates
Google Panda

People used to put hundreds of keyword on their content so they can rank on top, so Google also finds how many keywords are forcefully inserted on content.

It’s become a major issue in Google Ranking. Website with more duplicate content and huge keywords stuffing are dropping ranking day by day.

Tips to Keep your website Safe from Google Panda Algorithm-


• Never Used Duplicate Content on your website

• Do not use too many keywords in your content.


• Use Quality Genuine Fresh Valuable content only

• Use keywords which are relevant to your content


Google Penguin Updates:

With releasing this Google algorithm updates, most of the website get their ranking drop. Most of the website using thousands or millions of irrelevant link from different websites.

Google-Penguin,google algorithm updates
Google Penguin

Yes, it’s an important factor to have backlinks from another website. But people make it Spammy.

So, Google came up with the new google algorithm updates name of ‘Google Penguin‘.

Tips to Keep your website Safe from Google Penguin:

Don’t –

• Do not get backlinks from irrelevant website

• Do not use any software to get thousands of Spammy backlinks

• Do not link to your homepage only


• Get niche related backlinks

• Use manually link building

• Get backlinks from your article or pages also

• Get backlinks from blog posting (My Suggestion)


Google Hummingbird:

Google always try to provide the best result for their users. And most of the users search for ‘Quarries’.

But, people put many hundreds of keyword, to rank on top. But provide the irrelevant result of the search quarries.

Google-Hummingbird,google algorithm updates
Google Hummingbird

So, on August 2013, Google came with important algorithm updates called ‘Google Hummingbird‘.

The job of this algorithm is to rank those websites those are actually proving the est value of the ‘Search Quarries’.


Tips to Keep your website Safe from Google Hummingbird-


• Keyword Stuffing on your content

• Do not post thin content


• Use keywords organically

• Post content that can solve genuine problems


Google Pigeon:

Here the main job is started. Before July 2014, Google only prior those content which has problem-solving content etc. And name the algorithm update is ‘Google Pigeon‘.

Google-Pigeon,google algorithm updates
Google Pigeon

But here Google came up with a Major issue ‘Off-Page-SEO’ and ‘On-Page-SEO.

The sites with good on the page and off the page are ranking top on Google and those have not, are getting a drop in their ranking.


Tips to Keep your website Safe from Google Pigeon-


• Bad Off Page & On Page Seo


• Correct Your content Title Tag, Meta Description, Url

• Robots.txt

• Good on Page and off Page SEO


After the huge growing market for Smartphone, people are using the mobile device for surfing the internet.

And Google is giving priority from those websites which are appearing on mobile as mobile-friendly way.

Google-Mobile-Algorithm,google algorithm updates
Growth on Mobile Users

On 2015 Google came up with algorithm updates and here they told “The ranking is based on a website which appears friendly with mobile viewers.

Tips to Keep your website Safe from Google Mobile friendly algorithm-


• Only Computer/ Desktop friendly website

• Not Responsive to other devices


• Use Mobile or Tablet Friendly Website

• Can Use bootstrap to be appearing friendly on Mobile.


Google Rank Brain:

It is one of the parts of Google Hummingbird. Google Gives Rank Brain the most important to rank. It’s a machine learning algorithm.

Rank-Brain,google algorithm updates
Google Rank Brain

It appears best matching search result for a search quarry. Because of most of the user search quarries on their search.


Tips to Keep your website Safe from Google Rank Brain –


• Unoptimized your content

• Junk content

• Thin Content


• Optimized your content

• Post content that solves problems

• Use more than 1700+ words on your content


Google Possum:

It is one of the great algorithm updates by Google. It shows the quarry based on the user search location. On September 2016, Google lunch this algorithm.

It shows the better data to the user based on their location and Its vary with changing locations.


Tips to Keep your website Safe from Google Possum-


• Not register your Business on Google Listing

• Not register your business any directory


• If you have a business, then Must register it on Google Business Listing.

• Register at Various directory sites.

Google Fred:

It is the latest updates on their algorithm by Google. People use multiple tricks to rank on Google. But it’s mostly done by ‘Affiliate Blogger’.

So, by updating this algorithm Google with the filter the articles which are ‘Ad-Centered’ or ‘Affiliate Heavy’ Content. Also, they will filter with the article with thin content.


Tips to Keep your website Safe from Google Fred-

Don’t –

• Affiliate Heavy thin Content

• Ad – Centered Content or Do not use too many ads on your content


• Use organic Content with Genuine Reviews

• Few relative ads

So, we have seen through all Google Algorithm Updates and found that to rank on Google you need to share genuine content which can solve genuine user’s problem.

If you post thousands of articles on your website, and which are not helping people to get a worth, then you must need it to take seriously.

One more thing Google give priority only that article to rank on top which has larger content.
By post a content more than 1500+ words you will create huge organic short and long tail keywords.

So, except your main focus keyword, you will get many extra visitors for those keywords.

Also, you should keep in mind how friendly your website on a mobile device or on a tablet.

Because the number of Google users from a mobile device is growing so fast.


Use these methods to your blog and I assure you, you will be on the top or on the first page of Google easily.

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