Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide


Search engine optimization or Seo is very important for any kind of online business. Without right Seo, you can’t be reached to your client and sell your product or connect with them.

But it sometimes cost higher than your expectation.It’s worth to spend money on it. But as a startup, you just need to spend money as minimum as possible.

Then what should you do?

The Answer is Do your own SEO.

Your Question: But how?

The answer is following these simple steps and make your brand more popular

Do Keyword Research:

To rank on Google search engine your must need keywords.  Do find best keywords for your website which has high search volume and low competitions.

In this blog, my focus keyword is “Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide“. Because It has Low competition and high search volume.

I’ll rank top in Google within few days, and will get visitors like you (if you are not coming from any referral)

Keyword research
Keyword research

There are many free keyword research tools outside just pick one of them, search your keywords and put them on your website post product, review and every single page as many as possible.

Make sure you are inserting the keyword in the right way otherwise your website will get a penalty for keyword sniffing.

Write Blogs:

The blog is the best way to get more traffic to your website. Write many blogs as possible about your product or topic.

Put the keywords on them on their Title tag, URL, meta description and index them on google.

Guide How to Write a Blog:

Page Title with Appropriate keywords

Make sure your blog title is less than 70 words with a keyword

Title Tag

Beautiful URL Structure

Make your website permalinks as simple as it is. Like this

Structure url


The search engine finds It more easy to reach your URL. Make sure your URL has the keyword also

Beautiful url structure

Follow H1, H2 and H3 tags

It is very important to arrange the tags.  These are the tags from this blog

Your title would be within <H1> tag

H1 tag
H1 Tag


Sub categories would be <H2> tag

H2 Tags
H2 Tags

Categories under subcategories would be <H3> tags and so on.

H3 Tag
H3 Tag

Internal Linking

If you post many articles then link them internally. If in article A a keyword is related to article B then link them internally (Make them Dofollow, by default they are Dofollow)

[Here I interlink the word ‘Dofollow’ With my another article which is about “What is Dofollow?”]

Insert Image

Does Image need to post any blog? Yes, As usual, the image speaks a thousand words.

In this particular blog, you can see that I have putted many images. They describe the particular thing which I’m talking about.

image optimization
image optimization

Use beautiful attractive images. If you don’t own any image then find from free image sites like, etc.

Create Backlink:

A backlink is one of the most important facts to get traffic and reach to the people. Use Google Operator and reach too many websites in your niche.

Like your website is about ‘Men Fashion’, then search on Google like this

Google Operator
Google Operator

Reach some website, collect their emails from contact form And send them an email that you want to post an article on their website and expecting a backlink from them.

10-20% people do reply and discuss them about your article. Post your article on their website and get a backlink. Don’t forget to index it.

There are many free websites from you can get a free backlink, By just creating an account over there.

Social Media:

Social media is very strong platform nowadays. Create facebook.Twitter, Instagram page and write or show your product. People will love it.

social media

Also, you can spend a small amount of money and boost your product on this platform.


Apply all these to your website and you can see the change of your business growth in a few weeks. Without spending a single penny you can reach to thousands of people and make money from selling your product.