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Well, Before starting SEO tips for beginners, let’s briefly talk about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is a Large Subject I have tried to Complete Maximum topic on this blog, so you will have a Pretty Basic Idea about SEO, How it works.

Learning SEO Tips for Beginners

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is processed by which your website will rank on Google or any search engine. Better SEO and better quality information can take your website top of Google, Bing.

By ranking top or top page in a search engine, you may get organic visitors. If your website has lots of quality information but unfortunately you are not ranking, and you are not getting visitors then you must need to do SEO for your website.

By Step by Step doing these you can Rank well and get visitors. You can sell product or make money by affiliate.  There are basically two types of visitors

  • Organic Visitors:

Organic visitors are those visitors, who come to site organically. Means, your website ranking on Google or Bing, someone found it and click and jumped into your website.

You do not need to spend a single penny for that. You will get visitors and you can sell product service and run a Business.

Benefits of Organic Ranking:

  1. Do not need to spend a Single Penny [If you do SEO yourself]
  2. Huge Visitors on a regular basis
  3. Your website will be a Brand if you Get huge organic Visitors
  4. Make Money Easily from Google Ad-sense or Affiliate
  5. Get Genuine Buyer [Because They came to your website, not you bring them]

Disadvantage of Organic Ranking:

  1. It’s very hard to Rank
  2. Ranking Depends on Google Algorithm Updates. It’s Change continuously.
  3. Need to Optimize your website Regularly
  4. If you can’t do SEO yourself, then It will be pretty Expensive
  5. Take Time to Rank


  • Paid Visitors:

The word ‘Paid’ explains everything about it. You have to spend money to get visitors. You will bring people to your website by advertising it.

This ranking depends on how much money you are spending regularly. You will pay to search engine to show your website top of any particular search result.


Advantage of Paid Ranking:

  1. It brings you huge visitors and boosts your traffic
  2. Huge Profit
  3. Can be Popular very Easily
  4. Quick Result. It does not take to days to get traffic.
  5. Help you to get Organic Visitors

Disadvantage of Paid Ranking:

  1. It cost you
  2. You will rank for Short time
  3. Negative keywords can take your sales Down
  4. Get Few Click as per Organic
  5. People Skip Ads

Ok, But we are doing SEO, so we’ll only talk about Organic Ranking and organic Visitors, we’ll not spend money. You can do your own SEO.

If you have a website then and want to SEO for it, then you need to take care of two sections

  • On-Page Optimization or On Page SEO
  • Off-Page Optimization or Off-Page SEO

On-Page Optimization:

On page SEO is all about to look better to Google Bing or any search engine. It is a process by which we can fix or modify our website to rank better.

In usually we have a simple structure of our website, but to understand your website better to Google, we need to design it as per Google’s guidelines.

We have to add or modify Page Title, URL, Meta Description, Tags, Robot.txt, Sitemap.XML, Image Optimization, and Keyword Research.

When we search any Search Engine Basically Google We only see Title, URL, and Meta description of a Website. So, now go with

Page Title is Important:

It is one of the most important obviously as per Google also as per users. People will click only those links which they found interesting.

Page Title, SEO Tips for Beginners


As per Google search result show, your page title must not be greater than 50-60 characters; otherwise it will not show properly in the search result. Basically, we use some catchy keyword on it.

It attracts users as an example:

‘Top’, ‘Latest’, Current Year [‘2018’], ‘Solved’, ‘Step by Step’, ‘Complete’ etc.

Use attractive keywords like these which are very eye-catching and it will increase your website CTR or Click through Rate.

URL, Keep it Short:

On the second stage it URL or Uniform Resource Locator, Very Important. Use short and meaningful URL structure. It refers which page of your website going to open from search results.

URL, SEO Tips for Beginners


It must we well organized, avoid operator on your URL. I see people are using same Title and Same URL. But this is not a problem you should design it gently.

A Good structured URL seems like this:

10 Google Advanced Search Tips, Search Like a Boss


And A Poor Quality URL is like:


So, focus on your URL structure

Meta Description:

Third important section and you must remember that every section is important. There is a rumour that Google does not crawl Meta description, which is not true, it does.

Meta Description, SEO Tips for Beginners


Make sure you have written a well-organized summary of your every Page, Post or Your Main homepage.

Because it reflects the article quality. It catches the attraction of Users.

Tags: H1, H2, H3

In the inside of an article is very very important. An ideal tag can rank your website very fast. You need to mention it very carefully.

How to Process to insert Tags:

Here is some process to insert tags. Like Title Tag, Sub Heading Tag, Paragraph Tags etc

Title <H1> Tag:

The most important tag is <H1> tag. You have to make sure that you have insert <H1> tags for your title. If you are using WordPress like me, then default title tag is <H1>.

Title H1, SEO Tips for Beginners


[ If you don’t know your post title has <H1> or not then => Right Click on your post title => Click on Inspect (It will show you a section on the right side you can check it on the image) => Here It will show you the post has <H1> tag or not]

***You must not use <H1> tag more than 1 time in your post.

If you provide <H1> on some text, then Google bots will Mark those text as ‘Title’ of your Page.

H2 Tags:

In a good structure article, we use <H2> tag to show the Subheading to the article. To make readable to our readers and Google we use <H2> tags.

H2, H3 Tags, SEO Tips for Beginners

H3 Tags:

Same as the <H2> tag, we use <H3> tags to mark a text is Subheading of a Subheading.

H4 Tags:

If we go down and down to an article, and we need to provide some heading we use <H4> tags

Robot.txt is Highly Important:

Robot.txt is a process by which we can allow web crawler to crawl our website. You can control the crawling of web crawler by applying  Robot.txt. 

To Show Robots.txt section, Type webitename.com/robots.txt

Robots txt, SEO Tips for Beginners

A well organized Robot.txt can guide the web crawler which section of the website you allow crawling.

Hope, you have a business website and it has articles and sensitive files too. Then by modifying Robots.txt, you can allow the crawler to crawl the article section, and also stop to crawl the document section.

Sitemap.XML, Provide a Direction:

Sitemap.XML is a map of your website. Its a list of an XML file. It has all the URLs of your website which has crawled by the webmaster.

Type sitename.com/sitemap_index.html to see a website sitemap

sitemal XML, SEO Tips for Beginners

Every time when it updates then it adds the new URL found on your website.

Image Optimization:

Image Optimization also an important nowadays. Google ranks also depends on a website loading speed. If it took longer to load the website will drop its rank, and If your website is loading fast then it will half you to rank better.

So, to better and faster load your website you need to optimize your website carefully.

Now, Here Image Optimization comes. Optimized your image as a way to it can load fast.

Keyword Research:

It’s a verse chapter so, I’ll tell you some basic knowledge of it. A keyword is the words which users type on a search engine and get a result.

But when the user types a particular keyword many times, then it must have some real value, that’s why people are looking for it.

What is Process to know What People are Looking on Web:

Go To Google Adwords Keyword Planner => Singin => type a Keyword and Search => Get Result.

In the Result Section, you can see the words people are mostly looking for. Their competitors, Search Result, and CPC.

Keyword Research, SEO Tips for Beginners


If you write an article about a topic and insert that keyword then it will rank your website too, If your article has genuine value.

So, you need to find that keyword which has low competition rate and high search volume. Insert that keyword in your article and publish. You can see the result after few days.

Off-Page Optimization:

Off-Page optimization is one of the cool methods to rank your website indirectly. Here you just need to maintain your website from some external efforts. Like, Build Some Quality Backlinks, Directory Listing, Social Sharing, Bookmarking.

Link Building to Get Traffic and Ranking:

The most important factor in SEO is link building. A quality backlink to your website can help you to rank fast. As many quality and niche related link you have, the chances will maximum to rank better. Do not go for garbage link.

Create backlinks from only your website niche related site. Try to get the backlink to inside your website URL. Means create backlink not only for Homepage, try as many as possible for any relevant post inside.

Link Building, SEO Tips for Beginners

Link Building Process:

  • Use right keyword and Your website target page
  • Use Google operator and ask for Guest Post
  • Find Other Niche website Backlink [Use Ahref or Semrush]
  • Find Niche related site on Facebook Group
  • Try Question-Answer sites
  • Irrelevant Keyword and Irrelevant target page [Avoid Backlink from Gambling or Adult Site]
  • Irrelevant Backlink
  • Skip Spam Website [Paste the website URL on opensiteexplorer.org and Check Spam]
  • Huge Homepage Backlink**
  • 2-3 Backlinks Maximum in a Day

*If you do not Follow a proper backlink create guidelines, Google can Plenty your Website.

Now I think You have a Basic Idea About SEO tips for beginners. If you want to create be a businessman or blogger, then my suggestion to you to follow these steps for the first time, after launching your website.

Do share beautiful creative Ideas, thoughts and make Web beautiful, Do not try to make overnight success.

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