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In our everyday life for SEO activities, we heard this terms Guest Post. Sometimes, I found people with confusion, that what is this guest post or guest posting,

How can It help me to do right SEO for my website or Business, Also How can it improve my website ranking? Does it really work?

Also, people often say that SEO is dead.

So, Let’s discuss everything which is related to as per my experience with Guest Post or Guest posting as an SEO Analyst. First, go with

What is Guest Post?

Guest post or guest posting is a method by which you can reach out to people to get backlinks from their websites. You can send them articles and publish on their websie and get a backlink to improve your SEO for Ranking.

But Why Guest Post is Needed?

Ok, at first we need to know the types of SEO. SEO has 2 Main sections

1.On Page SEO and

2. Off Page SEO 

In ‘On-Page SEO’, we work with something which actually reflects our website. That means we add, fixed, or modify something to show our website’s better form to Google. Like Website Structure, Sitemap, Title, Meta tag, URL, Image optimization.

And in ‘Off-page SEO’ or off page optimization these are fully opposite. We work with something which is not directly dealing with the website. Its provide the benefits from indirectly.

There are many sections in ‘Off-Page SEO’, but we only talk about backlinks here. In these off page SEO, we create backlinks for our website. It is one of the most important factors to rank on a search engine or get visitors.

So what are these Backlinks Now?

A backlink is the linking or the trust to you, and other websites around your niche. Like our real life, if we have a connection with high profile people in our society then our reputation also increases. And, if we have relations with bad people in our society, then our reputation will decrease.

So, To build our Reputation we link with high profile people means, wants a link from high authority or quality websites to increase our own reputation.

How to build High Authority Link ?!

Again in our real life, we need to meet new people. Gain their trust on us, make a relationship. Like this, connect with people and make relationships with them, get links from them and increase your own reputation.  Reach out to people and be their friend.

Ok. Now we have crossed a big lesson from why we need a guest post or guest posting.

Now the question is

How to do Guest Post or Posting.

To reach out to people, you need to know some google search operators. I have another blog post on this particular topic you can read out to know more about Google search operator. But Don’t Worry I’ll explain you very easily.

In Google, They have some operator to get the exact result 
which we are looking for.


Let’s assume you have blog or website about Technology. And you have written some amazing content on Latest Gadget or upcoming technology news, and you want to rank it higher. Then, Go to Google type with me with this operator


“Technology” inurl:guestpost


You will find a result like this Image.

guest-post, guest posting

By typing this keyword, Google will show you, the top Technology website those are accepting guest post.

Now, Click on the first result. You may find that this website is accepting guest post. But they have some guideline which you need to follow.

site accepting guest posting


If you are ok with this guideline, then find the contact our section. Most of the websites provide their email address on their contact us section. Collect all those contact numbers form the search results for each and every site. Send them Email and ask them for a backlink.

But how to write best email writing to impress them so they can accept your request.

For this, I have given you a sample Email format. Here is the Email text

Hi, David

       I have just come to thank you for your fantastic blog for the 
upcoming Android updates. I also have written a similar article on my blog. 
I have a couple of thing in my mind to share.I have written an article Android Nougat. 
I hope you and your audience will like it.If you few minutes to check my article then 
I can send it to you. 

Thank for your time.



Ok. One more thing we need to clear up. By typing that operator you can get that website which has ‘guestpost’ word in their URL. But some of the websites do not have ‘Guest-Post’ option in their URL. They have a different word ‘Write for Us’ which is the exact same meaning of guest posting.

For those, you need to type again with the same style

“Technology” inurl:write-for-us


By typing these you will get websites which have ‘Write for us’ option.

But these are not the only way to reach any websites owner or editor. There are several more. I’ll show you top and most effective ways to reach to the blog or website owner.

Here are some sample keywords you can search on Google. [Assume your niche is Technology]

“Technology” “guest-post”

“Technology” “writeforus”

“Technology” inurl:submitarticle

“Technology” inurl:submit-article

“Technology” inurl:submitcontent

“Technology” inurl:submit-content

“Technology” inurl:add-article

“Technology” inurl:addarticle

“Technology” inurl:post-article

Use these keywords and you will find the top of the sites those are accepting guest pos.

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  1. In our daily life for SEO actions, we heard that this term’s Guest Post. So, let us talk about everything that’s associated with according to my experience using Guest Post or Guest posting within an SEO Analyst. First, proceed with Guest article or guest posting is a technique by which you may reach out to individuals to get visitors from their websites. Let’s presume you’ve got a blog or blog about Technology. By scanning this keyword, Google will reveal the very best Technology site those are accepting guest post. Here are several sample keywords; it is possible to look on Google.


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