What is Link Building and Why is it Important?


Link building is a process by which search engine got an Indication of the value of an article or a post or a product. It is one of the ways to improve and get the better search result.By Link building, you can get traffic from other sites.

Link Building

If you post an article and got many backlinks from other websites to that particular post or product, then search engine crawler/spider understand that this particular post or product has some genuine value, That is why more people are linking to it.

Dofollow Links is good for a site that does not mean Nofollow links is harmful. It’s also important to get visitors and majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow.”

Profit of Link Building:

  1. You will get visitors from other websites
  2. It helps you to rank on Google or search engine
  3. You will get SEO juice from website (based on the link is Dofollow Link or Nofollow Link)
  4. Your website Domain Authority, Trust Flow & Citation Flow Will Increase.
  5. Make your Brand more popular
  6. Make Money from converting the Visitors to a Customer

There is some kind of misconception among the people that building link may be harmful to their website. The answer is NO. If you build links to another website which are the same niche which your website has then your website will boost link a rocket. Like my website is based on SEO related and I got a Dofollow Link from thinksteer.com which is also an SEO blog related sites, so I’ll get benefits from this link building.

Make sure search engine give priority only that site which has niche related back-links. If you have a site related to Fashion and you are getting back-links from Music related site then Its sometimes harmful to your site.

So, Do not try to fool search engine by making lots of Ir-relative links. Make few links that are OK but Link must be quality links.


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