WordPress Category Page is Blank. Nothing Found


It’s not a very common problem you may hear little about it on the web. But its also happen with our website sometimes. Be specific WordPress website.

WordPress makes life so easy for bloggers. But it has some simple technical issues we may face any. Mostly for the plugins.

There are thousands of plugin out there Free and Paid also. But plugin section we may found everything is free. And here we make mistakes.

We do install dozens of plugin to make our website look cooler. But the thing is, we should not install many plugins. Sometimes plugin can crash your whole website.

So, before installing the plugin must the all the reviews, author, disclaimer carefully.

Here is a problem we are facing now, is that our category section is blank.
That means when someone is clicking on the category section its opening blank.

Its happen when 2 or more plugin collapse or crash. On a single line, two or more plugin fights with each other.

Mostly this problem happens when we have 2 Popular plugins installed on the same website.

These plugins are All In One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO.

If you installed and activate these two plugins on your website then it must that your category section will show blank.

So, let’s get out of this problem.

Go to your Plugin Section –> Installed Plugins

Directive any of the plugin. And keep the other plugin activate.

These two plugins do the same job. You can pick any of those.

But Yoast SEO is one of the favorite plugins of many people. So, you can go with Yoast SEO

Look in this video, My category page was not working. And I found All in SEO One Pack and Yoast SEO both plugins were installed and activated on my website.
So, I deactivate All in One SEO Pack plugin and now my category page is opening like before.

So, Choose your plugin very carefully and check all the review and how it works.

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