[Beginners] WordPress Tutorial for Beginners Step by Step


To build a WordPress website is extremely easy nowadays.  You do not need anything to build your own WordPress professional website. Here I’ll show you step by step how to design a WordPress website.

Some Important News about WordPress:

More than 28.9% of all website over the internet are using WordPress platform. It’s a CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP and Mysql also it is an open source. WordPress is a platform where you can create a website within few minutes. So, you do not need to know multiple languages Like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Mysql, PHP etc. Install WordPress and create a beautiful.

Why We Use WordPress?

  1. Do not need any Programming language.
  2. Very Easy to Design a WordPress website
  3. Less Expensive (almost 1/5)
  4. SEO Friendly.
  5. Access from any computer from any place
  6. Thousands of Plug-in can help you to every section of design

So, we are beginning with the website Dashboard (Click Here à If you don’t know how to install WordPress)

Step 1

Login to your WordPress site:

Your website with ‘/wp-admin’. Like this rakeshsardar.com/wp-admin.


Enter your website username and password. And you will see a page like a page bellow

Step 2

Choose a Theme

Click Appearance –>  Themes

choose a theme

Add New Button (Top of the page Choose a theme.)

add theme

(I’m choosing Poseidon, You can choose anyone) –> Click on ‘INSTALL’ button then –> Click “Activate’’ Button.

         Click on ‘INSTALL’ Button                                ———->>>                          Click “ACTIVATE’’ Button

install a theme  activate theme

Your website’s theme is ready. You can see page design in a new tab (Press ctrl+T). It looks like nothing. Don’t worry your website will be ready within next 43 mins.

Now we will design it as per the theme is showing in the Picture. Just follow the steps.

At the end of these Steps, I’ll show you Some Hacks, You can apply it to your website and it will be different from others.

Step 3:

Create Pages:

Pages are those where we show some date or design. There is some Difference between Page and Category.

In the Dashboard section, you can see Page option. Hover (don’t click on Page) your mouse over it.

You will see “Add New” option click on it. You will see a page like this.

Add page

Now we need to create Page. Here you may see “Add New Page” option. Write ‘Home” to it and click on Publish. Make sure you choose option Template –> ‘Homepage’


home page 1                        home page publish  


Again create a new page by clicking “Add New’ Option. Write “Blog’ and Publish it

Step 4

Create Categories:

Categories are those where your post will appear show as a category wise. Like in clicking ‘SEO’ You can see only ‘SEO’ related posts. In clicking ‘News’ you can see only ‘News’ related posts.

Same like page create, create some categories. From Posts Categories.

add categories   create categories    all categories

Add new category whatever you like. I’m creating these categories, you can create same or choose differently.

Step 5

Create a Menu:

The menu is one of the main factors of a website. A menu can show you what the website is about.

Go to Appearances (Hover your mouse) –> Click Menus  –> Create a new menu

          create menu                      create new menu

Now you need to create a Menu Name. There are mostly 1 or 2 menu section appear on a website.

Our First menu name is “main menu”. Put menu name and click “Save Menu”.

main menu

Now you need to take all (if you want few then its ok) the categories and pages to our menu.

Click on Pages (You can see on the left side of your menu name) –> Click ticks on the ‘Home’.

add home to menu                          category view all   

Tick all the categories and click on ‘Add-on the menu’. On the bellow, you can see a ‘Menu Setting” option, Click on ‘Primary Menu’

add categories to menu      ad menu as primary

And Click ‘Add to menu’ Button.  You can see the pages have come in your menu section.

Your website all menus have come to your menu section. Now SAVE MENU and open your website on a different page.

save menu

Bingo, You just created website menu.

To arrange the menu you can ‘Drag’ the categories and pages like the gif below.

Step 6:

Post Articles or Content:

It is the most important part of for a website. You need to describe every single post as per the product or the information which you are providing.

In the dashboard, Go to “Post” section Hover your mouse and click ‘Ad New’.

Add page 

Here you may see these types of the page below. Write your Post Title, Description, and select category and click on Publish Button. Make sure you insert feature Image ( It is the Image which Going to Appear as a poster of your every post).

Post an article

Open your website in next tab and you can see that the post you just insert will appear. So, Post 8-10 articles as soon as possible it will help you to give the proper shape of your website.

Step 7:

Add Widget:

It is a small application. By using these types of application your website looks more attractive.

Once again hover over ‘Appearances’ and click widget.

You can see these types of the page now. And you can put this widget in 3 places on a WordPress site. This type of place is called –

  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • Main Sidebar

We’ll place this widget on ‘Right Sidebar’. Drag any of the widgets and place it on ‘Right Sidebar’.

Open your website in a new tab, it looks beautiful. (If you think you learned something then please share it with your social media friends and teach your son/daughter/brother/son or friends or comment me. I’ll definitely help you to solve your problem.)

Place several more like these. You can copy what I’m posting over there or try with your favorite one.


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